I have a server at a remote site that runs DHCP services for that site. We have had so much trouble with their WAN link (microwave relay) in the past that we keep DHCP on their local server. However, one of the problems we have is that if the server reboots for any reason, DHCP loads on startup but can't contact the eDirectory replicas back at our district office. I do not wish to put a replica on their local server as this just causes sync problems with the rest of the servers. I have changed the autoexec to pause for 20 seconds before loading DHCP (its the last thing in the autoexec), in the hope that eDirectory communication will be fully 'up' before DHCP loads.

What I would really like though is for some way of detecting that DHCP failed to initialize from eDirectory and to try a reload. Is this possible? Failing the auto reload, is there a way to monitor whether the service is working or not? I've set up DCHP clusters for our main office, but its all ping based, and the problem isn't loss of communication, just a failure to read eDirectory at time of DHCP load.