I have just updated our 6.5 servers to SP8 and also the post patches iprntnw65sp8a.zip and sp8sbdup.zip. The upgrade went fine with no visible issues. However today we have discovered that if you try to create a new NDPS printer using IManager, as soon as you fill in the blanks and press next you get the error. "A system error occurred." The object gets created on the printer manager but with no attribs and comes up "not bound". Our system details are NDPS is running clustered on a 12 node cluster all now at 6.5 SP8 with post patches. Novell Open Enterprise Server, NetWare 6.5
Support Pack Revision 08
(C) Copyright 1983-2008 Novell Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Server Version 5.70.08 October 3, 2008
Novell eDirectory Version SMP
NDS Version 10554.44 12 August 2008
Server License: Novell NetWare 6 Server 650 SN:301776202
User Licenses: Audited

Any ideas would be much appreciated.