Without any advanced warning signs or any changes made to my server I
lost the ability to resolve domain names. My resolve.cfg is set up
correctly (again no changes have been made). I am running the same
NETDB.NLM since the last SP. I am at a complete loss here. I can ping
internet addresses (i.e. 612.168.60.84). If I go outside my server I can
ping domain names using the identical DNS resolver addresses that are in
my Resolve.cfg file. The only "unusual" activity on my server had been
the sending of a mass email message to approximately 1,200 blind copy
addresses. Is this a symptom of an impending hardware crash? Could it be
caused by a corrupt email messsage?


P.S. At the time this happened I was running NSBS 6.0 SP3. I have
subsequently updated to SP5 in hopes of resolving this issue.