I use dbcopy to make daily backups of a GroupWise environment on Linux. In a Cool Solutions article, Danita Zanré suggested to use symbolic links for the OFFILES to reduce the amount of diskspace required by the backups.

The script I use is a modified version of a script from Cool Solutions:
# Set backup window
bk_date=`date --date='7 days ago' +%m-%d-%Y`

# Set environment variables
# loc = current location
# temp = backup location
domain_temp=/gwise/gwback/gw_dom/`date --date= +%a`
po_temp=/gwise/gwback/gw_po/zbg/`date --date= +%a`

# Timestamp postoffice
/opt/novell/groupwise/agents/bin/gwtmstmp -p $po_loc /s

# Backup postoffice and domain
$db_loc -I $bk_date $po_loc $po_temp > /dev/null
$db_loc -I $bk_date $domain_loc $domain_temp > /dev/null

How can I modify this script or the directory structure to use the least diskspace and give the users the ability to restore mail from a week or a month ago?