Hi folks,

I've been review the message base here looking for anything relating
to slow folder access or slow client response, but all I seem to run
across are hints to a possible issue.

What I have is a new user who was created after we upgraded to GW 8.0.
They have created a shared folder and there are about 600 messages in
the folder. In this folder (and this folder only), the messages are
slow to load, or sometimes they are slow to close. It's really odd
because in shared folders in my mailbox (I have several with larger
messages counts), the responsiveness when opening and closing those
messages is very snappy. I've also had the user un-share the folder
with everyone who uses it, and then re-share it. Still no improvement
in access.

The only difference I can put my finger on is that this user account
and the shared folder were created under GW 8.0. I've performed an
analyze/fix with GWCheck with no obvious changes. Should I perform a
structural rebuild, or try something else?


Bill Valaski
Director of IT
CDS Associates, Inc.
Cincinnati, OH USA