I have my netware 6sp5 server set up to nat internal ip addresses to a
public interface in my server, all workstations are set up with static
private ip addresses 10.1.0.xxx. Nat is enabled on the public interface
and everyone can play happily on the internet and the server only passes
on requests made by the workstations. However after i installed sp5 (was
on sp4 before) and added a new dell gigabit switch (2616) I can't seem
to ping other work stations within my network on the private subnet.
That means that my Symantec Anti virus coroporate edtion 9.0 can no
longer access the workstations from the central command center. Where
would i check to make sure that it wasn't sp5 that changed some setting
that i am missing. Has anyone experienced this kind of behavior from
either the service pack or from adding a new switch. The switch is fully
automated and all nics are set to auto.