Running Netware 6.5 sp 8 with DHCP and DNS. The DHCP issues the ip address with the SLP info and updates the DNS/DDNS info. All good :)

I have set up a Suse 10 sp1 with OES 2 sp1b and configured the DNS and DHCP. The DHCP issues the ip address (from the bottom of the range) but then the DNS (DDNS) and DHCP info in the Java Console is never updated.

The logs on the OES server show the following errors:-
Notify Failed: Not authoritative for zone-in (NOTAUTH)
Unable to add forward map from Domain.com to x.x.x.x: Not authorized

It would seem that the Netware server will not allow the OES server to update DNS/DHCP info :(

many thanks for your help