Heyo all,
dunno what subforum fits best, so I'll try here - I'm just trying to get some things work using a fresh Windows 7 workstation ( I have a few XP and W2k8 with ZCM around but no Vista). I know some of you already tried using beta or RC..so maybe some things can be solved easily or are known as "still not working" ;) :

- How to make Icons appear as the picture assigned (instead of the "white paper" telling me it's a NAL shortcut)? They are operational of course but.... ;)

- Is it possible to access a public netware share without Novell Client installed? Of course...applications accessing data/programs in user context seems to work using CIFS (domain mode)... but any way for system/DAU?

- I tried to set up a windows group policy (a local) but had no success. Is it possible at all? (I got some error during export)

Advices on any of the questions would be helpful - still not familiar with the new OS ;)

Ty in advance