I posted previously about this issue when I thought it was likely an edir rights issue. No responses, so I'm trying again with some additional information.

When our Zen admins attempt to associate an app by starting FROM the app object and navigating to a user or an OU, they get an error: Failed to grant file rights to all objects. The association is placed on the list of associated apps, however we are still gathering information on whether the apps are actually deploying or not.

When our Zen admins associate an app starting FROM the user or OU and navigating to the app object, the error does not occur. Also still gathering info on whether or not the apps are actually deploying.

The admins have supervisor rights (attributes & entry) to the app objects which reside in an OU separate from users. The admins have Compare, Read, Write to the App: Associations property for the users and OUs. I've tried adding different properties (ACL, App: backlink) and even elevating to supervisor rights to the users/OU with no change.

Any ideas greatly appreciated. Thanks...