I'm using an OES2 server, and it seems that rights are handled in a
somewhat flacky way, when seen from the POSIX side of things.

I have a directory, when seen from an NCP client, a user us trustee of
this directory, the user is able to read this dir from a NCP client

rights are shown as RWCEMF for the user from properties in a windows

When using a linux shell or samba, the user have no rights to the

I tried a
rights show -f [directory]
from a root shell, and got

No Trustees Assigned

And now, I wonder what can be done to remedy this situation, that we are
having different rights, depending on how we access the NSS fileystem.
Are there for example some kind of NSS recalculate/recache rights
command, so that the posix applications can see the rights for real?