We are running Zen7 SP1 IR3a HP3 on SLES 10 SP2 and successfully imaging across our routed network, except in one area. We have recently implemented a VPN connection to a remote site over a 10MB connection.

I am able to perform all of the zdm remote functions except a reimage of a workstation. We don't expect to be able to reimage multple machines simultaneously but would still like to do so one at a time.

After about 10 minutes the workstation displays the "Could not find Zenworks Repository" error and stops.

A packet trace at the server shows that the process gets all the way down to downloading /boot/root from the imaging server, downloads for about 5 minutes, then shows that there are 3 retransmits of a single packet from the server and a destination unreachable (port unreachable) from the client for that packet (block numbers are the same in the TFTP opcode section of the packet).

Is there a timeout or something that needs to be set on pxelinux.0 image and can that even be done?