I'm trying to get CIFS working in my test environment. 2 NetWare 6.5 SP8 servers on eDirectory 8.8.5 ftf1 clustered together . I have one main volume in the cluster which I use as the mapping point for a drive letter in Windows. In the cluster, I have three other volume resources which contain folders of "stuff". I use DFS to mount these folders onto the main volume. DFS works fine. If I access the main volume from a machine with the Novell client, I can jump around all the volumes and access resources without knowing when I'm on a different volume.

However, when I turned on CIFS for the clustered resources and configure the CIFS properties of each clustered server, I cannot launch from DFS junction points. If I access each resource independently, I can access the folders stored on those volume fine from a windows only client. However, if I map to the main volume, I can only access folders physically existing on that volume. If I try to enter a DFS junction point, I get a typical windows error that the folder is not accessible/the network location cannot be reached.

Any idea's how to make this work? DFS support (and oplocks) is enabled on both clustered servers in the CIFS properties page of iManager.