New workstations running Vista Business x64 issued during the last week.
When user logs his workstation into the Windows domain a login script runs
that maps a number of drive letters to CIFs shares running on a Netware 6.5
sp7 server.

Been using this kind of setup for a year with no issues.

However, I now have one user for whom a reboot will not release files that
had been opened on the Netware server.

User logs in, goes to P drive (points to CIFs share on Netware server) and
opens an AutoCAD file. Using Netware Remote Manager, one can see that this
user now has a connection to the Netware server. They work in AutoCAD, then
later close their computer and reboot.

Logging in again, they find they can't open the previous AutoCAD file
because it's locked. If you go to Netware Remote Manager, one can see that
this user now has two connections to the Novell server; one from say 9:00am
when they first logged in, and one from say 4:00pm when they logged in

The earlier connection is what is locking the AutoCAD file, preventing it
from being opened.

If I use Netware Remote Manager to delete all but the most recent connection
for this user, they can now access files because the locks are gone.

This happens only with this one user. None of my other users are
experiencing this kind of problem.

Any idea as to why Novell isn't releasing this user's connection to the
server when they perform a restart/reboot?