AS 12.5 Win with NW agent
GW PO2 on its own server/volume

GW PO1 & Domain on its own server/volume

I do just a file system backup to backup GroupWise with tsafs /EnableGW=yes
(I know not the best, but works fine - read on)

I mean it works fine for my PO1 - both backup & restore, tested it few
times! to restore actual mailbox items)

For PO2 backup runs fine with no errors, backs all files, but the restore of
wphost.db is not possible

I have tested it on 6 separate media inc brand new shrink wrapped, just this
ONE file does not restore correctly:

Sep-10 16:58:56 E3168 Invalid stream signature, 86bfe857
Sep-10 16:58:56 0 files 0 KB restored to NETMAIL/MAILSTOR: @ - KB/min
Sep-10 16:59:00 Job completed.

Anybody has a suggestion? (and not necessary about using something else to
backup GW)