I am working on a Migration from NW 6.5 to OES2 this weekend and here is the way I have this planned out please let me know if anyone has suggestions or tips that they could share with me.

1.) Install SLES 10 SP2 / OES2 server, create volumes to match the current NW tree (Vol1 and a Mail volume for GW mail, currently on the NW server there is only one volume Vol1) and after patching and registering with NCCC insert the server into the current eDirectory tree ( Ensure synchronization and that eDirectory is seeing both servers.

2.) Migrate the GW system onto the new OES2 server, following the suggestions from the GW move book by Danita and along with other forum posts. Ensure that once the GW system is moved that it can be properly accessed.

3.) If the above goes well begin migrating other services from the NW server, User Data (using the MIGGUI tool) there is currently no iPrint, DHCP/DNS are handled by a Windows server, Migrate server Replica and Certificates, and then if all is set down the NW box (after removing eDirectory (is that correct), and then check login scripts and users to make sure that they are logging into the new OES 2 server

4.) Does the above sound correct?

Thank you for any tips or advice