I have just migrated two servers to new boxes. The new ones are set up
with two NIC's, one public/one private, as were the old servers. Dynamic
NAT has been set on the public NIC through "bindings" and a default route
has been set to the building router's IP. A network "route" has been set up
for the private side ( and also for
the public side (197.24/ .60.1 and .197.26 are the
server's NIC's. Each workstation has 60.1 as the gateway(router) in DHCP.
This is the way they've been set in the past, however, no one on the
private side can access the Internet. We can ping the public NIC (197.26)
but not the router (192.25) BM38SP3 has been installed on one and the Proxy
has no trouble getting out.
I've gone through all the TID's I can find on routing and everything checks
out. Can't be filtering because it is disabled and I tried with IPFLT
unloaded. What would keep traffic from getting past the public IP when
coming from the private side except where a firewall is set up? Any ideas
and/or suggestions would be appreciated.
Does "Set NAT Dynamic Mode to Passthru = ON" have to be set manually or
doesn't setting NAT on the public IP to "Dynamic" do that? As an added
question, the "Default IP Address" now in INETCFG, does it have to be set
and would it be the Public IP, or can it be left at What, I guess,
is it for?

Thank you!