Does anyone know if you can move iFolder files and users to a different
server? I have installed a virtual OES2 server and would like to move my
existing iFolder server components to it. I have tried the OES Migration
utility, but it does not detect iFolder running on the old server, or at
least it does not give a choice to migrate iFolder. I tried copying the
simias folders over and running the iFolder install on the new server but
that did not work either. I suspect that the Collection files and the db
file use encryption and the new server does not have the secure key to open
the db. I do not want to ask that all users download their files from the
old server and upload to the new server. Apache on the old server keeps
shutting down and I can not figure out how to fix it plus I wanted to move
the server to a VM. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated,