I've recently ran an update on my iPrint server which is running on OES2, and appeared under the software updates. Since my company is slowly deploying iPrint, we aren't converting printers daily, more like every few weeks, but since this update I've noticed that when I install a printer, if there are spaces in the name they are getting installed with a "%20" replacing the spaces. We're trying to bridge the gap between old (direct IP) printing with iPrint by keeping the printers with their old names, but adding the make/model of the printer to the name for IT until we get turnover in the department to go completely to the IT naming method. How can I get my spaces to appear again instead of the "%20" string. This is making my "John Office LJ 4050" appear as "John%20Office%20LJ%204050." I've updated my client to 5.2, but am still getting the same string appearing. Thanks!