I am working on automating the distribution of a "baseline" of apps to a workstation as soon as it is built and registered. I have set the apps up as workstation associated and selected options as follows [per app]:

IDENTIFICATION - Icon -> "Disconnectable" {Checked}
IDENTIFICATION - Icon -> "Wait on force run" {Checked}
IDENTIFICATION - Icon -> Determine Force Run Order" {Checked}
IDENTIFICATION - Icon -> "Order:" {set}
DISTRIBTUTION OPTIONS - Options -> "Distribute Always" {UN Checked}

The problem is that application install order is not executing as specified and that some (large) apps early in the sequence are not executing until much later.

I see in the documentation this little gotcha "For Application Launcher to enforce the run order for a group of applications, all of the applications must already be distributed or cached to the workstation; otherwise, if all applications have not yet been distributed or cached to the workstation, the run order is not enforced. For example, if the second application of three that you want to force run has not yet been distributed or cached to the workstation, the first application is started, the distribution process is started for the second application, and then the third application is started. Because of the uncertainty in time required to distribute the second application, the third application might be available before distribution and launching of the second application is completed"

Is there anything that I can do to force install order to wait on the distribution? The only alternative I see is to create add-on images of the apps but I am not keen on this as there are a significant number of apps in question...

Any help and advice much appreciated