I have a tree with 20 some odd OES1 sp2 linux servers. This year we introduced three OES2 sp1 servers. Those three servers have an identical slp.conf file to my OES1 servers, but my ndsd services are not registering properly. I have two dedicated openslp servers each running as a DA, In the logs for both I can see the registration entries coming in for the generic linux services (like fish) but the novell.bindery entries just don't stick around.

I changed the n4u.nds.advertise-life-time to 300 seconds in my nds.conf on one of my OES2 servers just so I could watch. Every 5 minutes nds would send the information to my slp server for a while and then just stop.

The OES2 boxes have all been updated and are running eDir 8.8 sp5

Ideas? Suggestions?