Novell 6.5SP8, 8.0.1

We have a user that will be reading, responding, creating emails when suddenly
he clicks on Send and the window locks. Click on it you get a ding. This
happens at various points but it is just like some dialogue box is hidden. I
have tried to recreate it but cannot. We have had it happen to one other user
once but it has not re-occurred for him.

I have swapped out computers and it still occurred. He was on 7.0.3 with the
GW8 backend but we upgraded to the GW8 client and the night before to GW8sp1
and it is still occurring. I have an open SR and they have had me do all the
GWCheck stuff on his mailbox. No joy.

Unfortunately, this is the one guy in the company that could say "Exchange by
tomorrow." We probably would.

Bob J. Taylor
Harrang Long Gary Rudnick P.C.