We have a couple of servers now that we are not able to expand the disk space on. They are running NetWare 6.0 SP5 and have two pools (SYS and DATA).

In each case we have initially setup the partitions like this:
Single Device (RAID 5 on a Dell PERC)
Dell Utility Partition (usually about 100 MB)
DOS Partition (1.5 - 2 GB)
SYS Partition (6 GB)
SYS Pool
SYS Volume (No Quota)
Data Partition (Rest of space minus 5 GB for emergencies)
COMMON (Quota of 10 GB)
DEPT (No Quota)
USER (No Quota)

When we need to expand the system, we typically add another drive to the existing Device (expand the RAID with Dell's Array Manager), then use Expand Pool in NSSMU or Remote Manager to add the new space to the existing pool.

On one server, I have added two drives to the RAID array (for a total of 5). In Remote Manager I can see the Free Disk Space listed as 136.48 GB. When I click Expand Pool next to DATA, I choose Free Disk Space as the partition to use, let it use the default of all available space and click Expand. I get a final "Message from webpage" of "[DATA] Are you sure you want to add the partition to this NSS Pool?". I click OK and it takes me back to Server Disk Partition Operations and still shows the Free Disk Space. Using NSSMU it at least gives me an error that reads "WARNING 526 Partition create failed < Press ENTER to continue>".

I have these same results on another server that I've expanded the DATA pool two times already, so in Remote Manager on that server, I see two partitions below the setup listed above and both say "Used by NSS Pool: DATA".

Is there a limit somewhere that I'm hitting and not realizing? Does anyone have any good ideas for this? We originally saw this while we were still under extended support for NetWare 6.0 and we never did get a resolution for the SR. They basically threw up their hands, couldn't explain why it was this way, and told us we would have to reformat the server.

Some recent comments I read on the forums about limits to the number of partitions or possibly creating a second Logical Device in the array controller got me thinking enough to explore the issue again.