I'm using the agent.

My problem is new installs of the agent are not registering with the server.
Ex. they don't show on the ZCC console and the agent show 'Unavailable' for the server properties.

The agent seems to install successfully, and then I reboot.

Machines I set up earlier with 10.2 upgraded to 10.2.1 successfully.

I tried zac reg -u user -p password server_url and got an error:

Unexpected server result. Server code -34, Server message Invalid Device Authentication Information.

I used the administrator username and password I use to login to the ZCC console. Is that right?

How can I tell the agent what server to talk to?

I have file and print sharing on, though just to the subnet. But I have another computer here at home that registered fine, configured the same.
The Firewall has 7628 UDP and TCP open.