I installed SP1 last night on my OES2 Linux server. Autoupdate works when the workstation has a mapped drive to the volume with the software installation directory. When the client needs to fall back on the SETUPIP installation I am getting the following message:

"There is new GroupWise software available, however, you cannot currently access it to update your version. Please contact your administrator for help.

Do you want to continue to receive this update message? (Yes /No)"

I can browse to setupip.exe in a web browser and if I download it and run it the installation is successful. The URL in writeip.ini is correct URL (cutting and pasting it into the web browser takes me to the correct location).

The SDD is on a NetWare server and setupip.exe has been copied into the win32 directory. I've done this many times successfully on NetWare. I'm wondering if there is some interaction between the POA on Linux and the SDD on NetWare that is failing.

K. Davis