NW 5.1 sp7, BM 3.6

Attempting to use NAT to allow access to one host (PC) on the private
network via the Internet. Here is an example:

Host IP =
BM Public =
Add secondary IP Address
Inetcfg/bindings/...NAT Enable Static Only - with the following entry in
the table:
Public Private

Once NAT has been enabled and we reinititalize system, some strange
things begin happening. PC's on our private network can browse the
Internet fine, but cannot communicate with ftp servers (this is
verifiable and duplicatable). For example, we cannot download a file
from any Novell or HP FPT server. Turning NAT back off and
reinitiatalizing fixes the problem (thus far we have not been able to
leave NAT enabled long enough to test our translation to see if the host
is reachable).

Any hints, tips, advice as to what is wrong, or what we are doing wrong
would be appreciated.