We have a current BM setup with one public and one private interface.
We have several secondary IP addresses that are mapped to internal
hosts with static NAT. Dynamic NAT is disabled and the internal users
access the Internet via proxy.

So far so good. In this configuration Internet access is relatively
slow (we use a shared connection). Our ISP can give us a dedicated
connection for a specific IP address. So I want to enable a small
group of our users to access the Internet via this public IP address.

Is there any way of doing this without setting up a second NAT server?

I thought of adding a second private NIC to the BM server and
enabling Dynamic NAT on this interface and mapping this interface to a
secondary IP address (public). This way I can give the second NICs
private IP address as the gateway to the small group. What I explained
probably wouldn't work as I have never heard of NAT used on the
private interface but I thought to ask anyway.


Mehmet Boyaci