Hello all.

I think many here know, that NetWare Nat does not support

MS VPN client [GRE Protocol] and will probably never support :(

In searches workarounds at me more year it is used Linux Box which kernel it
is compiled with support

Report GRE and PPTP through NAT.

Recently I have tried to port "Frickin PPTP Proxy"

http://sourceforge.net/projects/frickin to NetWare NLM (libc). For creation
NLM it is used GCC.

Editing of a source code was reduced to removal of function _drop_priv_perm
and several #define:

#define IPPROTO_GRE 0x2F

#define IP_HDRINCL 2

#define MSG_DONTWAIT 0


And replacements #include <netinet/in.h>

On #include <sys/select.h>.

Then frickin.nlm has been successfully created by the command

i586-netware-gcc.exe-o frickin.nlm main.c rfc2637.c.

This NLM have been loaded on test server NetWare 6.0 SP5.

load frickin.nlm -s MS_VPN_SERVER_IP_HERE -l NW_SERVER_IP_HERE

That is has been started MS VPN Server and MS VPN the client worked with it
through FrickinProxy on server NetWare.

Unfortunately it was found out that on everyone GRE package Netware returns
ICMP a package with diagnostics Protocol Unsupported.

But after loading NLM of module AIOPPTP.NLM

Frickin Proxy worked normally - that is MS VPN connection was successfully
created and worked (but seems after closing VPN Connection we are need
uload/load frickin.nlm yet).

Though should notice that port FrickinProxy on platform NetWare requires
significant operational development but nevertheless basically Workaround is
possible not being beyond platform NetWare.

In occasion of aiopptp.nlm - probably the given module contains ECB handler
which works with GRE . Unfortunately it is not documentary anywhere that is

AllocateResourceTag (NLMHandle, *descriptionString,

0x53424345) :(((

I hope that the given message will interest somebody.

Dmitry E. Rovkin.

Tomsk, Siberia, Russia.