Hi all,

I currently have a working autologin system (Windows XP SP3 and NCL 4.91 SP5) thanks to some fabulous TIDs and forum posts, however there's one aspect I can't get to the bottom of.

When a computer is auto-logged in, when you pick log out it immediately logs back in again. I know this can be prevented by holding down Shift, but i would like it so that it doesn't happen at all (ie, autologin only happens from boot).

I have HKLM\Software\Micorsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\W inlogon\ForceAutoLogon=0 set already, after reading The Old New Thing : The ForceAutoLogon setting doesn't do what most people think, but it makes no difference. This makes me think the Novell client is taking over and running the autologin process. Can this be prevented, or is there a similar key for the Novell client?