I'm having issues with some workstations not activating the ImageScript during PXE boot - the result is : PXE M0F exiting.... boot partion not available... press F1 to retry.
However if I Ctrl-Alt and get into the PXE Menu first and subsequently just press enter, the script starts up just fine !?

In my understanding without the PXE menu the workstation is asking if there is work for it to do, and if so run the script (the work assigned). And with the PXE menu it does just the same when pressing enter on the top Zenworks menu choice.

Note: that I use the same script for non-registered WS's as for registered ones, and that I have checked that the image work actually is assigned for the PC's with Zenworks partitions.

So as I see it there must be some difference in how it checks work to do with or without the PXE Menu - I just cant figure out what.

My current workaround is to press Ctrl-Alt og always show the PXE menu, but this is not a long term solution....

KR / Bjrn