I'm just wondering if anybody has tried to host a website from within a teaming workspace? Let me explain what we're trying to do...

One of our teachers is using Vex Curriculum 2.0 in her robotics course. This is essentially a web site (by default installed and served locally on the user's workstation) that teaches programming robots.

We have a limited number of licenses and we don't want to tie them down to particular computers. Instead, we would like to serve it over our internal network and use authentication to control access.

The teacher, being a self-motivated person who is very keen to use teaming for as much as possible, tried uploading the site to a teaming file folder under her workspace. If you click on the index.htm page, sure enough it pops up and you can even navigate a little... but not much. I haven't had time to figure out the rhyme or reason of why it doesn't work, but it seems like URLs are being re-written and, despite them being relative links, breaking.

I'm going to investigate further and might have specific questions. For now I'm just wondering if anyone knows whether this is possible or practical? Is a File Folder the best way to do this? Would it be less trouble to set up an Apache server and tie it in to our authentication?

Thanks a lot!