First off, thank you to Novell ZCM Team for all the quick fixes. I'm hoping this one is also a quick fix. I am at agent 10.2.1 with new ziswin.exe.

When i reload a workstation i get:

Unable to register with the server at:
RegistrationManager - Network error connecting to server: The request failed
with HTTP status 404: /zenworks-registration/registration.

I am unable to register any devices in my zone after imaging them. I have made a new clone from scratch with just XP and ZCM and it does this very same thing every time.

I have tried
no http just straight IP...

I also went to the new registration.war file from TID 7004308

i also set permissions for "others" on SuSE to read/write

Nothing seems to be working for me here...

Any help would be appreciated!