I had this posed over in eDirectory-Linux and it was suggested that I post this over here so here we go.

I am migrating servers from Netware to Linux and we have various levels of eDirectory versions and I am now trying to update these to be at the same version (20219.15 8.88.SP5)

We have 3 Netware Servers that is going to be converted by the end of the year and these are our Master and R/W Replicas and it was then updated to eDIrectory 8.8.5 20219.15 not too long ago. I then proceeded to update a few Linux servers and got the versions to match successfully.

After Aug 19th the new updates in the Channel came up, I specifically unchecked these patches because I do not want the Linux Servers to have the newer version than the current Master R/W replicas. I applied the updates and when I rebooted the Linux Server shows eDirectory 8.8.5 20501.00 so that puts this Linux box at a newer version than what I wanted.

How do I specifically control the eDirectory patching on the servers? I used the Software Updater and I did look through the patches and checked the version tab and unchecked these if they were newer than what I wanted but that did not work.