I'm adding a 3rd secondary ip address for my webaccess server to BM. The
other 2 work fine. This 3rd one though.....it's as if BManager forgets
about it. I'm pinging novell.com as a test from the webaccess server and I
either get about 15 mins before ping fails or maybe 1 in 500. I can
REINITIALIZE SYSTEM on BM a few times and then Webaccess server can ping
again - for a bit.

I've commandered one of the other 2 secondarys and that works fine - using
the 3rd for a different server also fails.
I've also tried a different NAT.nlm - no joy.

I did a debug on tcp ip and it looks like the request goes out (?) but
nothing comes back !

Receive:pktid:#### <privateip> -> <novell.com(resolved)> ttl:127 (ICMP)
echo request
Forward:pktid:#### <publicip> -> <novell.com(resolved)> ttl:128 (ICMP)echo

There is a line lower down amongst other stuff:

Discard Outgoing: cause(FILTERING),reason(1)

but i don't know if that's related.

There just aren't any ECHO REPLY lines that I'd expect.

Any ideas please ?

Server 1: BM = 3.8 sp3 on NW65 sp3 with 1 Public NIC (NAT = Static &
Dynamic) & 1 Private NIC
Server 2: Webaccess = Gwise 6.5 sp1 on NW65 sp1b (due to Test Oracle DB
instance not booting past sp1b - any ideas here would be gratefully recvd.)