I know that prompted macros normally only prompt once (I've been submitting enhancement requests for this one since forever). I've been able to get around this in the past by including in Distribution Options - Registry an entry to delete the GUID folder for the App ion HKLM/Software/NetWare/NAL/2.x/Macros/{tree}/{guid}. It processes that deletion before it gets to the macro, so I get prompted every time.

I've just built a new App with a prompted macro using that same trick - only it no longer works. Instead of getting prompted each time (which lets me fill in the variable used in the command line parameters), the App appears to delete the key and then skip the macro prompt, so that my command line tries to run using the %variable% in the filename instead of the real one.

I'm on C1 1.3.6h, with ZW 7.0.1 snapins. The workstation is running NAL Since an old Application that does this still works, I think this may be an issue with how the object is being created with the 7 snapins. Anyone else running into this?

Darcy Conaty