Greetings, am testing with OES2SP1 on SLES10SP2, I setup my test server
using the CD's (4 for SLES and 1 for OES - this server doesn't have DVD),
installed OK, but now whenever I go into OES2 install/config in YAST it asks
for the OES2 CD. I managed to get around this by creating /media/OES2_SP1
and mounting the OES2 CD, then copying the contents to the directory I
creating, then went into installation sources and added /media/OES2_SP1, and
disabling the CD based OES2 installation source, now it doesn't ask for the
OES2 CD, but it asks for the 2nd SLES one.

Do I have to do what I did for each CD?

Is there a TID or other general recommendation on changing your installation
sources after installation for SLES and OES2?