sles10.2>>ZCM10.2.1 with registration.war update.

Image a workstation with new clone. Clone finishes. New ZISWIN renames her to her old name (Shaun Pond, you're my hero! lol )
ISSUE: I have to login to ZCC. Delete the old Computer with her same name.. then on the freshly imaged workstation do a zac reg http://...........

If i do not delete the old machine object out of ZCC, that same machine will not rereg herself. Severely odd.

When i made the clone:
zac fsg -d
zac cc
ZISWIN.exe Clear Image safe data >>Save>>Just Imaged Flag? NO.

Should I actually do a zac unr on the clone as well? Keep in mind im going to be throwing this to ohhhh about a thousand machines.. So the less bugs the better!
Secondly, having done a zac unr as proposed... will the other machines just "know" to reregister in ZCC??

Thank you for any help you can provide.