Hi there everyone! I'm hoping this question hasn't been asked before (I just searched for an hour for an answer)

I am planning to move my existing shared U320 SCSI storage (HP MSA500) that is connected to my 3 node cluster to a new iSCSI SAN and haven't found a reliable way to do this short of tearing the cluster apart and rebuilding it from backup. All of the posts I've seen have been SAN to SAN, but I'm moving from shared storage to SAN. Has anyone ever done a shared SCSI to SAN migration? If so, what steps did you take?

I currently have a LUN carved out on the new SAN and the iSCSI initiator on each of my three nodes is logged in to the new LUN. After initializing this storage, NSSMU sees and is able to manipulate this storage. The block device is the same on all three nodes (/dev/sda)

Any tips on what I should do next to begin migrating off of the shared SCSI?