Hi There!

What is the behaviour you would expect from Outlook if it
pop's mail from the GWIA but people are deleting messages
from the GW mailbox that the person is popping from?

IE We have a CEO who pop's his email because he prefers
outlook. His secretary and the rest of the organization use
GW including the secretary proxying to his GW account. She
is maintaining his mailbox which involves removing messages
he no longer needs.

GW is forwarding all mail to his Blackberry via a
flatforwarding rule.

We have a strange problem whereby Outlook is getting
multiple copies of messages going back days or weeks, but
not every message and not every day.

Problem is that the Blackberry is getting a copy of what is
being delivered to Outlook, yet Outlook has no forwarding

The GW sent items doesn't contain any duplicates.