Here's a strange one:

Config: Border 3.8sp2, NW 6.5sp3 (with nw65os3a)
One public nic, one private nic
Static and Dynamic NAT
Disabled port filters, bypassed the proxy

First a few connections, then a few more, then everyone on dynamic NAT'd
private addresses could not connect to the public side (within 1 hour).
Ping (and other ICMP tools) worked just fine out to the public side. HTTP,
Telnet, FTP, and all other high level protocols would not go through.
TCPCON showed no errors. People on static NAT continued to work fine.
Reset the Border server and all is well.

Checked TID 10093332 - Current NAT.nlm is 10.00.01 (from sp2). Symptoms
are correct, fix isn't.

Any ideas? Any suggestions on prevention (or where to look for more data)?


-Paul Guest
-Systems Adminstrator
-USDC - CAE Fresno