When I try to Manage any of the iPrint objects in OES Linux using iManager, I get a message window labelled: Error Reading Printer information (or Driver store information, etc.) that says:

Authorization Required
IPP error: 0xF0191
HTTP Error: 401

We recently took some steps to restrict public access to our tree which I think may be the cause of this problem. However, I found an article that suggested using the AuthLDAPBindDN and AuthLDAPBindPassord commands to resolve the problem. When I added them to the iprint_ssl.conf file as instructed and tried to restart Apache, I got an error that they were not supported commands.

We have a mixed environment with both NetWare and Linux in our tree. I am still able to work with the Printers, Broker, etc on the NetWare servers so I am not sure the changes to our public access are the cause of the problem, but I have not been able to find a working solution. Any help will be appreciated.

Robert Jenson