And anyone else with a sense of humor and a jumbo bottle of tylenol extra strength!

This is the weirdest issue I've ever seen and I can't figure if it's nat related, tcp or what.

A few days ago I applied the latest Tcpip updates, IR2 for BM38post sp3. First issue we ran into was the packet filters all went bizzare and if you looked at them in filtcfg the service type names did not appear even after restoring defaults and recreating. However said they seemed to be working so I didn't worry about it until yesterday. Suddenly I noticed first that our proxy acceleration wasn't happening and no one can access from outside. Proxy out was still ok for the most part but I think only because it was pulling from DNS cache. We current can no longer resolve dns externally using any external DNS servers from any of our internal servers. However If I tell my workstation (behind NAT) to use the external DNS server it resolves just fine both connected externally and internally across the NAT of the BM server that cannot resolve itself! It gets nuttier.

The BM server cannot resolve as mentioned to do a ping whether NAT/Filter etc is up or down, but can ping any valid public IP. Internal servers cannot even ping valid across the BM server with NAT enabled or disabled even with filtering down, but my workstations can. So I can't see it being a filtering issue as per say but I'll let the expert try that one.

I'm so confused!! Kill me now!! Please!! :)

Martin Stepanek, CNE
Barrie, Ontario Canada