I have BM38 sp3 on a NW65 sp3. Static and dynamic NAT. Everything has
been working fine for a long time. Recently, every once in a while, maybe
once every 2 or 3 weeks, NAT stops without warning. I can't ping anything
but the private IP. No signs of anything going on, it just randomly stops
and nothing connects from the inside. The only way that I have found to
get it to come back is if I go into the FILTCFG and tell the public nic
it is private, exit out of FILTCFG, go right back in and switch it back
to public, then reboot the server. Simply rebooting the server will not
bring it back. The only thing that has changed is adding connectotel as
content filtering. I highly doubt that is the culpret, but it is the only
thing that has changed.
Any thoughts, clues, suggestions?

Thanks, Rich