I am trying to configure DLU on standalone WinXP boxes. ZCM agent is installed without a Novell client. There is no AD, the ZCM user source is eDirectory. NWGina.dll is the ginadll. The DLU policy is workstation-related and is listed as effective in the ZCM agent properties window on the workstation.

The Windows login screen appears, a user (who is allowed under the DLU policy) attempts to login. They get the standard Windows "incorrect username or password" message, and are returned to the Windows login screen. No ZCM login ever appears. If a user with a manually-created local account logs in, authentication to ZCM is automatic and all works fine.

Maybe I'm misunderstanding something, but shouldn't the ZCM login appear, either as the first login prompt or after the Windows login fails? I've spent considerable time in the TIDs and forums, and found many references to making the ZCM login go away, but nothing about how to make it appear. Any help will be appreciated.