We have a problem with Static NAT at a customer site. Here is our setup.
We have a Windows 2000 server running IIS, SQL services which we are static nat'd. Our main server is running a NW 6.5 Sp3 Small business server, with Bordermanager 3.8 sp3, and ir 1. Our Nat.nlm is dated 1/6/2005, version 10.00.04.
Our situation is as follows. Our static Nat will work properly if we reboot the file server(NW), and all seems well for the time being. However, after several hours it stops responding, and does not allow static nat transfers. Re-initializing the system(NW) does not help, and only re-booting the server seems to work. We have been running static NAT at the company for many years with no issues, the only difference between the two setups is Our server is NetWare Open Enterprise Server, while the Customer has Small Business Open Enterprise Server.
Would anyone be able to offer suggestions or assistance? Thank you again for any help you can offer,