A couple of months ago, we bought a bunch of E75 that with the help
from these forums actually seemed to work and work well

Though,, I preferred the older intellisync clients capability to
display messages in other folder besides the inbox.

Now for a while, every single phone with the exception of one (so far)
has stopped working normally,

1. Every E75 device synk's EVERY minute.
2. Many of E75's either get hundreds of booking/meetings of the same
"item" at the same time. This happens either on the GW client or in
the phone.
(VERY funny holding the delete button for 30mins until they are gone!)

Only way to clear that scenario is to;
- clear the phone to factory default,
- delete account in GMS server
- spend some time with the delete button in Groupwise.

3. Other phones now do NOT update calendar items at all.

We have found that these issues seems to come down to the Calendar.
IF we choose NOT synk to the calendar, synk works normally and
according to the timed schedule choosen.

Same timezone choose on both sides off course,
and the GW server and the GMS server uses the same NTP source.

There's more or less NOTHING that can be found in terms of loggin in
either the user or the admin console from the GMS server, only "user
started synk"..etc.. withouth errors