Hi all,

We just started using ZCM to manage our devices and
things are bad. We have a 4 primary (peer) servers. Three are running
suse and the primary server is running windows 2003 enterprise with MS
SQL server 2005 SP3 hosting the zenworks database. All the servers are
running on vSphere ESX 4 DRS cluster.

The problem is the database, the SPOF. Our sql server process is running
at 100% al the time, we are seeing a database connection from every ZCM
server taking up all the CPU cycles and don't really have a clue why or
what it is doing.

At this moment the loader-message.log is showing only this kind of entry:
[DEBUG] [9/16/09 12:40:40 AM] [] [Loader.Status Storer Module] []
[Processing Status_a005178bf848d342b3a347077348a6ee_1253054411 890.xml] [] []
[DEBUG] [9/16/09 12:40:42 AM] [] [Loader.Status Storer Module] []
[Processing Status_6e9a46bb46e94b4d890aa98fa784e09e_1253054394 453.xml] [] []
[DEBUG] [9/16/09 12:40:43 AM] [] [Loader.Status Storer Module] []
[Processing Status_480a57e3966c384a9be30245ab7ac530_1253054425 345.xml] [] []
[DEBUG] [9/16/09 12:41:14 AM] [] [Loader.Status Storer Module] []
[Processing Status_1e2cfed61a07574e96be4105f28af763_1253054461 000.xml] [] []

Time is in sync but we get this anyway on the peer primary:
[ERROR] [9/16/09 12:01:24 AM] [] [Loader.Server Statistics]
[Novell.Zenworks.Server.TimeSyncError] [The local server time is not
synchronized with the database server time.] [] []

Did anyone have a similar exprience or know a way how to debug this issue?

Kind regards,