Hi there, we have recently set ip 26 new servers, that our school
district wanted to be able to access internally, as well as externally.

We have a set of external class C Addresses. Of course we use nat
because of the world shortage if ip's ha ha. On a serious note, though,
this is what we did, we added 26 secondary external ip's, pointing to our
26 internal addresses, so that they could be world accessable.


Secondary IP Internal Address
199.xxx.xxx.26 points to 192.xxx.xxx.xxx
199.xxx.xxx.27 points to 192.xxx.xxx.xxx

and so on. This worked GREAT. The problem is, now our bosses have said,
that works great! but we want them to be able to be accessed externally
and internally...AT THE SAME ADDRESS!! The reason we use NAT, is that
all of these servers at at differnt internal sites of our network...I
know NAT isn't supposed to go both ways, but can someone think of a
silution...which will still work with our server being at these different
sites...we really want to keep them at the site, and not in our server