Private LAN 192.168.*.* DMZ 10.1.1.* Internet 66.89.*.*

BM3.8 sp3 with NAT on the public lan
Proxy on the BM as well.

NAT looks like this: to

we can't see DMZ servers from the private LAN's, we do resolve to the DMZ
addresses. If I point via DMZ IP it works great. If I use name
( it dies. I get a time out error.

I have two DNS server. One on the BM box which resolves to the public
address and one internal that resolves to the private address. Somehow this
is where I feel the problem is. The internal workstation are pointed to the
internal DNS server to resolve. And when I do a NSLOOKUP they resolve the
DMZ address. The public machines see no problems at all. This is all
internal from the Private LAN.