I cuurrently have a Netware 6 box running BM3.8 and I need to add
another IP address to this server but it's a different subnet than what
is setup now. I am a rookie with Ip configuring and need some help.
Here's a little background...a while ago we only needed a few IP
addresses and we had a small block of 8. We have utilized them all and
needed more for a project in the office so instead of changing all the
addresses (mail, proxy, etc) we just got the ISP to give us another
block but it's a different subnet. Now we have to addresses attached to
the cicso router and everyone in the office is still utilizing the old
numbers to access the internet and that part is fine. The project that
is being done is utilizing the other subnet and that is going fine as
well. The problem I have is that I want to add couple new secondary ip
addresses that are in the NEW subnet and I don't know how. Am I able to
just add another nic and bind that address to it and then use NAT to the
private card? Can I NAT 2 different subnets to teh same private card?
Do I have to do something totally different? If anyone can shed some
light on this I would be greatful. Hope this was clear enough. Thanks

Here is what I have now.

21..81.1??.??? ROUTER 216.81.24?.???
Public 216.81.24?.??? BM SERVER Private