I am having no joy what-so-ever in running a system upgrade from ZCM 10.2 (install build) to 10.2.1.

This is on a quite simple set-up (and it'd need to be) of a single primary ZCM server running on SLES10-SP2.

The Novell docs do a good job of telling you how the system upgrades should work, but now I'm struggling through various posts of the forums to find how to trouble shoot this update problem. An intense feeling of deja-vu decending, having already been through the mire sorting a previous 'shot-in-the foot' episode (a typo with the internal server certificate name) ...

The upgrade fails like this:
In the Zen Control Centre, the 10.2.1 upgrade is assigned just to the primary server, the server is refreshed (this manually using ./zac ref from the /opt/novell/zenworks/bin directory) and then it'll fail.
ZCC stating the zenupdater process has ended unexpectedly, try a manual install... great...! HTF do you do that then... :o)

From various forum posts and replies I've pieced together and tried a few things,
Deleting previous support packs (why 10.1.x updates are picked up when checking for updates when the server was installed and shows version 10.2 as baselined I don't know)...
Running zman surp "Update for ZCM (10.2.1)" , and then trying zenupdater -v -c /opt/novell/log/zenworks/system-update/guid/update_commands.xml
which just gave a 'cannot open assembly - file does not contain a valid CIL image... which I assumed was a mono .net thing and beyound my understanding... deleted and downloaded patch again, same result.

I now have the loader-messages.log on debug and not a ****ing clue as to where to go next... can anyone help?